Our Services

Our services include window repairs and glazing, glass upgrades, acoustic and draft sealing, deck repairs, restorations and replacements, fascia board repairs and replacements, fencing and general carpentry.


Mark Watkins has almost 20 years of carpentry experience and more than 10 years experience in running Exceptional Carpentry. Mark loves what he does and enjoys meeting new people and helping them achieve their renovation, or restoration, goals.


As the director of Exceptional Carpentry, Mark can turn his hand to just about any carpentry job. Over the past 20 years Mark has worked on a variety of projects, from multi-million dollar heritage restoration projects to repairing a humble mail box. Mark welcomes the variety in his work and is interested in all jobs, big or small.


Mark’s philosophy when it comes to his work is “an honest days work for an honest days pay”. Mark is dedicated to his craft and to doing the best job he can for his clients.

Call Mark today for a free quote.

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